From 10 Aug to 14 Sept 08

Tests all Clear
A lady due to have tests, after prayer, she got a call from the doctor and he told her that she is all clear, so tests are unnecessary.

Raised Rent
A lady on the pension, was due to have her rent raised by $50 per week, after prayer it was only raised by $2 per week.

Broken Leg
A lady who's legĀ  had been broken was healed really quickly after the church prayed.

Young woman with a bad infection after an operation, was healed after the church prayer, the infection left the next day.

Blockages in Heart
A lady diagnosed with cardio-myopathy was healed after the church prayed there where no more blockages in her heart.

Permanet Residence
Lady has been seeking permanet residence visa for a long time, after the church prayed, the visa was granted.

Severe Infection
Lady was suffering with a severe knee infection, however after the church prayed her knee recovered in the same week.

Healed from Eating Disorder
Man was healed from an eating disorder after the church prayed.

Safe delivery
Safe delivery of baby after church prayed.

Clark Taylor had a specific word of knowledge for a lady whose son had been missing for over 3 years. He said that within 3 days the son would contact her. She was a friend of a lady in WorshipCentre and her son returned on the 3rd day after this word of knowledge.

Man responded to word of knowledge in church for arthristis, church prayed, all pain gone in left hip.

Safety for daughter
Mother asked church to pray for safety of daughter in dangerous situation. The day after prayer, daughter was rescued and is safe.

Asthma and flu virus
Young lady healed of severe asthma and flu virus after church prayed.

Severe flu
Young man healed of severe flu after church prayed.

Salvation of family
Lady asked for prayer for salvation for family member, after church prayed, her mother was born again.

Severe flu
Lady healed of severe flu after church prayed.

Man with diabetes, health improving as church continues to pray.

Jobs coming in
Lady had asked the church to pray for some work, now jobs are coming in.