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The following is a history of Pastor Clark Taylor, written by his wife, Anne Taylor.

The birth of WorshipCentre on November 12th 2000 followed a very long pregnancy. The following is some background information about it's founder, Clark Taylor.

Clark Taylor was born in Queensland, Australia in 1937. He was a farmer with little formal education. He spent his teen-age years in the Northern Territory on a cattle station. In "Heart of Fire" Barry Chant writes:-

"Taylor presents the image of the typical Aussie, using his cattleman background and his outback accent to the full. His ministry was also noted for it's dynamic style. Falling under the power was a noted feature of Taylor's healing ministry."

Clark Taylor became a Christian in Brisbane in 1959 at a Billy Graham Crusade and began to train for the Methodist ministry in 1961. In 1963, he suffered from Cerebral Malaria. I was married to him in 1964, and we had three children.

He was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1967 in quite an interesting way. In that year we were running the William Powell Home for discharged prisoners at Oxley, Brisbane, which was owned by the Methodist Church. One day, as Clark was building pig sties, a friend from the local Methodist Church, George Nichols, was helping him. George mentioned the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Clark's reply was, "What's that?" Later on, we were baptized in the Holy Spirit in the home of George and Gloria Nichols.

Another miracle happened in 1967. At times, Clark would become unconscious as a result of the Cerebral Malaria. By 1967, he was having these unconscious turns so frequently that he was unable to work on the farm. One morning, when he was in Oxley Methodist Church, he felt that God said to him, "It's time for you to be healed." He told this to the minister, who replied, "Come down on Tuesday night when the prayer meeting is on and I will pray for you." This was quite remarkable, because in 1967, such things as healings and the baptism in the Holy Spirit were rare in the Methodist Church. At the prayer meeting, Clark started to lapse in unconsciousness, but the people laid hands on him and prayed for him and he was totally healed in that instant.

The result was that in the next year we were appointed to the Holland Park Methodist circuit to assist the senior minister. Marcia Ford has recorded some of those events from our days at St. Paul's Church in Upper Mt Gravatt.

Soon after his arrival, Clark commenced Thursday night Bible studies in the manse. Although it was holiday time, fifteen attended the first night. By April, there were 100 hundred attending Bible studies.

After the study, on the person of the Holy Spirit, those who wished to stay for prayer to receive the baptism in the Spirit went over to the church building. Now remember, this was in the 60's when these sorts of things were not done in the Methodist Church.

Prayer meetings were commenced three times a week. These were a good indication as to who had been baptized in the Spirit, because those who had previously found 7am to be an early rising time suddenly found great joy in getting up at 4am in the dark to go to the 5am prayer meeting.

Now something quite miraculous happened while we were at St. Paul's and this is the beginning of the story. The Lord moved mightily on July 17th, 1968. One of the ladies who have been prayed for several times had not received the gifts of tongues. The Lord spoke to her that there was going to be a special meeting on Sunday and that He would bring people from the highways and hte byways and not to prepare for that meeting. Now we are used to doing things quite spontaneously in meetings, but in those days for a preacher to step out into a meeting unprepared was absolutely terrifying. God named specific people who would be attending. Those people were unknown to her at the time, but she was to pray for them. Those people did attend the meeting on July 21st, and were saved and healed.

The children and I were away at this time, as Clark was supposed to be studying for exams. Clark spent much time in prayer, seeking the Lord about the special Sunday night meeting. There was much joy and excitement amoung the newly baptised-in-the-Spirit Christians who met each night to pray and seek the Lord. The presence of the Lord was very evident...and the fear of the Lord also. There was much conviction and cleansing from sin. Those few days before the Sunday nights were really dynamic.

On the night of Sunday, July 21st, the church was packed. The building was a modern, low-set structure which could hold a few hundred people, although there was normally only a handful on Sunday nights. What occured on that night is probably the most amazing thing I have seen. I believe it is a foretaste of what God will do in revival. The building was absolutely packed. The foyer was packed and there were people outside looking in through the windows. There had been no advertising...the Spirit of God drew the crowds.

One man from the Darling Downs said that as he read Haggai 2:1, the twenty-first day of the seventh month, that the Lord impressed upon him to come to Mt Gravatt that night. Another child in Toowoomba prophesied about God moving at St. Paul's. Many people came from the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and the Leichhardt Street Mission in the Valley.

Clark had been praying in a room at the back of the church. When he walked in and saw all those people he did not know what to do. He randomly opened his Bible and started reading. He started to read about Jesus healing people, and then found himself saying, "If you want to be healed, come forward." Many healing miracles occurred, one after another. Later on in the night, Clark preached a very short gospel message and many people streamed forward to be saved. Over the next few days, people came to our home one by one and they were baptised in the Holy Spirit, some of them seeing visions.

The Methodist Church leaders decided that it probably be wise to put Clark into Kings College, their theological college at the University, so he became a student there in 1969. In between his studies, he began what became known as the Corinda meetings. These meetings affected what would happen in the future. George Nichols, the man who had introduced Clark to the baptism in the Holy Spirit, had a large home in the Brisbane suburb of Corinda. These meetings commenced on May 10th, 1969, because of the numerous people who had been baptised in the Holy Spirit, but were now as sheep without a shepherd.

These numbers grew to about 200 hundred during the following two years. In these meetings, people received teaching about the reality of the Person of the Holy Spirit and that the baptism in the Holy Spirit was for this day and age. People also travelled from other places outside Brisbane.

In 1970, Clark resigned form the Methodist Church. The following is an extract from a prophetic word spoken to him on May 26th, 1970.

"The college which I have spoken about to you, and have called you to, is the college whereby you live in prayer and intimacy with the Spirit and where I speak to you Spirit to Spirit. I will speak with you through knowledge. I will speak with you as you look at the Scriptures, but especially as you pray. You are to develop deep prayer and you will live with Me in a special way. I would have you to learn to fear the Lord. I would have you to seek the fear of God, for the fear of God will keep you stable. If you do not have a fear of Me, then you inevitably will raise yourself up and the devil will snare you. Each day, pray that the fear of God will keep your heart and soul in the knowledge of God, for these things of the Spirit are given to man, but man is still man; therefore man needs a safeguard against his pride, and I have given him a safeguard in the fear of God."

While we were living at The Gap, Clark was waiting on God, giving himself to God and learning from God...but then he got too busy.

Trevor Chandler was a New Zealand businessman who had come to Australia and was to make a very valuable contribution to the Charismatic move in Australia. Windsor Full Gospel Church was a real eye-opener to us because we had not belonged to a Pentecostal church previously. The church was packed...people were getting saved in droves. Trevor was doing most of the preaching, moving in the liberty of the Holy Spirit that God was wanting to bring to this nation. We came on staff there towards the end of 1970.

There was further outreach to the Body of Christ. Clark organized a Ministers' Dinner to be held at Wanganui Gardens on March 9th, 1971. The speakers were the Reverend Judson Cornwall, the Reverend Ralph Mahoney, the Reverend Howard Carter and the Reverend Father Gerald Hawkins. The aim was to bring ministry together to show through the Word of God that the experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit was for this day and age. One hundred and twelve people attended from various denominations. There was a beautiful openness between Catholics and Protestants in those days. 

After a time, we separated from the Windsor Full Gospel Church, and with Trevor Chandler began Christian Life Centre in 1972. Towards the end of that year, we left Christian Life Centre and began travelling. The following is an extract from a letter written by Clark early in 1974.

"Since I left Brisbane eighteen months ago, I have been preaching in New Zealand, Australia, the U.S.A. and Fiji. It has been a crash-course in finding and ministering the power of God, especially to heal the sick and help build churches. Hundreds upon hundreds have come to Christ as Saviour. I have seen many churches grow numerically as a result of one week's campaign and the numbers remain. I have been more interested in steady growth than in spectacular high spots, and this I have seen. My heart has always been in Australia, with our largely non-churched people. I hope one day to open centres or build up centres already exisiting across this land. I believe God has given me a vision of this happening and every part of the eighteen months that I have been away, I have considered as training for it. For a long time now, the Lord has been impressing upon me to commence another centre in Brisbane. It is a city of nearly one million people and God has given me a vision to reach many of the country areas round about. What a challenge lies ahead of us! Only God can do it! I feel that it is God's time for me to add my weight to the existing ministries and to do it by establishing a centre in Brisbane as the first step. We anticipate this will be in the very near future and will be announced in the church notices of The Courier Mail, when further information is available. I will not be travelling much from now on. The Lord has implanted a detailed vision in my heart and He has promised me that He will open the way step by step."

The first step was to hold a meeting, attended by twenty-five people, in our home at Keperra on June 16th, 1974. The next step was to advertise in The Courier Mail. One week later, 126 people participated in Communion. Christian Outreach Centre was under way.

Faith in God was one of our foundational beliefs...Christian Outreach Centre Bibles automatically fall open at the 11th chapter of Mark. We had to have a faith in God because we had nothing else...no financial backing, no parent body to launch us, no experience in starting churches. Some people described us as 'ecclesiastical nobodies' and they were right.

Verse 23 talks about mountains being removed. We took God at His Word concerning mountains...mountains of sickness, demon possession, spiritual apathy, Australian attitudes to religion, finance and impossibilities in general.

Verse 24 speaks of praying, believing and receiving. 'Australia for Christ' were not empty words. We believed that unchurched Australians would be saved. We believed that unlearned men who had been with Jesus could turn this part of the world upside down. We believed that there would be a Christian Outreach Centre in every city and town in Australia. We prayed and believed and received, except for the times we moved in unbelief or presumption, and then we had to pick ourselves up after the mistakes we made.

We also took literally the words spoken by Jesus in the sixteenth chapter of Mark. We believed that God said what He meant what He said. We believed that when people accepted Jesus into their lives that they then became born again, that they should be baptised by total immersion, be buried with Christ and rise in newness of life. Christian Outreach Centre people went out and preached and the Lord confirmed the Word with signs following. People were saved, delivered, healed, baptised in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.

In terms of Acts 1:8, Brisbane was our Jerusalem. We then spread out to other parts of Queensland and Australia, and then overseas. We started planting churches in towns close to Brisbane, one reason being that we really needed each other. Training took place on the run, as the first Christian Outreach Centre Pastors were some farmers, carpenters and milkman. You can be sure that every time we got together, we studied those passages from Mark, because we were built on faith. We believed that God was telling us that these things were achievable.
On the day of Pentecost, when the believers were filled with the Holy Spirit, they rushed out into the city and many people were saved. We believed that this was what God was calling us to do...hence the name Christian Outreach Centre. This was not something to be contained inside four walls. God was giving us His Spirit so that people could be saved. One prophetic word that came to us in the early days was the word originally concerning Joseph..."Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a well; his branches run over the wall." We believed that God had called us to outreach geographically, to reach the un-churched Australian society beyond traditional church walls, and to outreach into future generations by means of children's church, schools and colleges.

Christian Outreach Centre men and women were committed to "Australia for Christ." They put their money where their mouth was. People gave sacrificially and the staff worked for very low wages. One of the secrets of success in the early days had to be that people has a will to work.
By 1976, Clark was beginning to talk television. "A New Way of Living" went to air on Channel Nine in Brisbane on July 17, 1977. The program was given that name because it was a popular song at the time and people were experiencing what the words described.
In March 1977, a few pilot programs were made. An outside broadcasting van was hired, and the Sunday night meetings were edited to half hour programs, which were shown to the T.V. channels in Brisbane. In June, programs began to be made to air on Channel Nine. The TV lights that were needed could not be hired in Brisbane, so every Friday night they were flown up from Sydney. These had to be collected from the airport and set up ready for Sunday night, after which they had to be dismantled and taken out to the airport. This went on for six months until we were able to buy our own lights. Impossibilities were not a hindrance and the people had a will to work. The only place that the editing could be done was in Toowoomba. In 1979, we were able to set up our own primitive T.V. studio in Kurilpa Street.

"A New Way of Living", was shown on sixteen stations in Queensland, as well as going to air in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. At that time, we had a congregation of 800 and T.V. was costing about $5000 per week. Large numbers of people throughout Australia will be eternally grateful that God used the medium of television so mightily.

Barry Chant comments:

"The Christian Outreach Centres were a strong and well established part of the Pentecostal scene by 1984 and were clearly here to stay."

Clark Taylor led Christian Outreach Centre during it's first fifteen years.